ChartRequest is a health information exchange platform connecting healthcare providers to patients and other entities. 

Creating Internal Business Analytics 

When multiple clients have onboarded in a short time and piecemeal time-stamping no longer suffices to view productivity rate.

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Portfolio - Chart.PNG

GOAL: Creating internal business analytics to provide a high-level and low-level view of operation and productivity numbers.

EXECUTION: Collaborated with CEO and Customer Success leadership to determine points of productivity. Initially designed & developed 3 high-level overview numbers and 3 low-level charts. 

RESULTS: Increased efficiency of productivity by 80% evolved the analytics page to support insight for qualitative efficiency.

Creating iOS Mobile App

The iOS mobile app was designed and developed to address the relationship between healthcare providers and patients - the #1 customer of the clients.

Analytics also determined that patients are the top 3 of 16 user types, approximately 40% of traffic are via mobile, and over 70% of mobile interactions accessed by iOS.

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