Hello! I'm Ann.

I have been in tech for nearly two years. I was formerly a language interpreter for legal, medical, and social service assignments. Then, I learned ona-the-job about healthcare revenue regulations and was instrumental in managing two clinics - an urgent care then onto a pediatric therapy clinic. In the middle of this, I was on the board of a non-profit that awarded small grants to human rights projects. Eventually I forayed into tech because I realized this was where I could make an impact on our everyday narrative.

I want to work with people to build tools to enable better habits that change the narrative of their community. I like the dynamic challenge of Humanity*-Centered Design Thinking. How do we work as a team to get complete buy-in into ethical design and development in our process? With that, I invite you to enter my site and browse some of the teams that have welcomed me into their missions.

Product Portfolio